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Principal: Beriwan Fattah

Grade Levels: 9-12






School Hours

SAT – THU : 8 – 14


Phone & Email

+964 750 385 23 11

+964 750 268 15 11

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The field of petroleum engineering is one of the related  majors to the domain of energy and its ultimate goal is to meet the energy needs of industries, households, automobiles, etc. This field is closely related to geology and chemistry, and individuals and governments concerned with maximizing profits. Petroleum engineering is formed by combining different the sciences of mathematics, chemistry, geology, mechanics, thermodynamics and fluid motion in porous media, etc., and plays an important role in all processes related to the oil industry such as oil exploration, drilling, exploitation and transfer and refining of hydrocarbons.

The field of computer engineering designs and manufactures various computer components and is very important in today’s world. The purpose of this course in the field of analysis, design, construction and commissioning of new devices and hardware assemblies, review and recognition of existing hardware and software assemblies. To experts Design, simulation, processing, measurement, training, editing, etc. are all concepts that are done with the highest accuracy and in the shortest possible time in computer software programs. Therefore, the purpose of this field is to train specialized personnel to do the above.

The field of accounting is one of the fields that serve the people and the result of the activities of an accountant can be a great help to the economic allocation decisions of people who work in different companies. therefore, one of the most important goals the field of accounting is to train human resources specialized in collecting, classifying, recording and thus summarizing information and preparing financial reports in accordance with the criteria set by companies and organizations in advance. it is also important that someone who has an accounting job and is in line with current world knowledge and applies all the changes made in his work in order to achieve the best results. A person who is trained in accounting can become the manager of an organization or a company in the future and give that company the idea of how to evaluate resources and invest in order to get the best results. in fact, the accountant is a service job whose job is to provide the accountant with a little bit of financial information that this information that the accountant provides to others can have an important impact on economic decisions.

The purpose of this course is to accurately understand the basic tasks in organizations and increase the skills and abilities of students in familiarity with topics based on management and collecting and analyzing information related to each of these topics and calculating various solutions in particular, each issue and the decision and implementation of the decisions that have been taken. Managing the process of planning, organizing, commanding, directing and supervising the efforts of the members of the organization and using other organizational resources to achieve organizational goals.



 The MÂD Institute Has Been Established In The Direction Of Scientific Development Of The Country, With The Aim Of Training The Specialized Forces Of The Society, Expanding The Frontiers Of Knowledge, Solving The Problems Of The Society in A Wide Range Of Different Educational Fields, Research With Special Emphasis On Technical And Engineering Disciplines. Also, Our Mission is To Train Technicians in Downstream and Midstream of Industry. Our Program is Based on “Theoretical Training in Class and Practical Working in Workshops and Work Areas.” In Addition to Above Sentence, Our Student Will Be Introduced with Computer Programs, Accounting Programs, Maintenance an Equipment Repairing, Principal of Materials and Equipment, Welding, Basement of Electrical, etc., in Technical Courses. Briefly, We Train the Well Skilled and Qualified Technicians & Engineers to Work in Market.


 Becoming a Scientific Hub in Technical and Engineering Fields at The MÂD Institute Establishment of Self-Sufficient Research Centers To develop Scientific Relations with Scientific Organizations and Institutes. The Computer Engineering Department of The MẤD Institute Strives to Educate Creative and Efficient Students by Using Diligent and Committed Faculty Members. Our Main  object is To Benefit from The Above Set of Capabilities in Order to Create Two-Way Interaction with The Scientific, Industrial And research environments of the country and the outside world. To this end, our most important Responsibility Is to Raise the Level of Science and Research in A Dynamic Environment.

Beriwan Fattah


” Time is passing and we are looking to reach the pinnacle. We have spent many years training. We have traveled a long way so that we can serve the youth and teenagers of this nation. Our motto in training is three things:

– Intellectual Development

– Spiritual Development

– Teaching and Learning”

Beriwan Fattah


” We started our journey with a small family, and in this way, passionate teenagers and young people joined us to form a wider family and hope to deliver successful loved ones with broad thoughts and goals for the construction and advancement of a beautiful Kurdistan”


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